Thursday, 19 June 2014 08:24

Nexus Subcap Clip 04Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) has announced that the new Nexus Subcap Baton Clip is now available and shipping.  This secure, lightweight baton clip is compact and easily installed on any ASP Friction Loc Baton.

52931 Nexus Subcap Clip F Series RotatedThe Nexus contains a rapid release clip and chrome plate retaining spring.  It can be used on tactical or dress belts.  The baton can be concealed by placing it in a side or back pocket.

The Nexus is attached by removing the existing baton cap.  It screws on securely and can be used with ASP Logo, Grip and Leverage Caps as well as the Tactical Defender, the new
Tactical USB and the BreakAway Subcap.

This robust clip allows an ASP Friction Loc Baton to be rapidly drawn by simply lifting it from the belt.  It permits a secure grip on the center of the handle and provides a firm purchase.

The MSRP is $15.

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Wednesday, 04 June 2014 11:29

World's First Rechargeable Baton Light

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has unveiled its new Tactical USB.  It is the world's first rechargeable baton light and the shortest on the market, adding only 1.5" to the total length of a baton.Tactical USB 05

Powered by a custom Lithium Ion Battery, the Tactical USB's Cree XPG2 LED light produces a powerful 100 lumens of brilliant white light.  It has a continuous run time of 45 minutes as measured against the ANSI FL-1 Standard.

Watch the product video.

The Tactical USB can be charged on the go using a laptop computer and the supplied retractable USB cord or any micro USB cellphone charger.  Auxiliary car and wall chargers are available from ASP.

ASP Chairman and CEO Kevin Parsons, PhD, says the Tactical USB is a backup light that makes perfect sense.  "With the Tactical USB, you will always have a second extremely bright light easily accessible on your belt," Parsons said.

ASP's revolutionary design incorporates a Total Internal Reflective Optical Lens, which is ground from a solid piece of acrylic - much like the process of making eyeglasses.  This innovative technology allows ASP to design "a very small, extremely bright light that adds little length to a baton," Parsons added.

The battery of the Tactical USB has a protection circuit module to prevent overcharging or short-circuiting.  The battery indicator on the light blinks red when charging and turns solid green when fully charged.

The intermittent or constant switch activation system of the Tactical USB is positive, yet secure.  Press down for intermittent light or press down and forward for constant illumination.  This brilliant high intensity auxiliary light can be attached to any of the 3 million ASP Friction Loc Batons in operation worldwide.

The Tactical USB comes with a lifetime warranty and a retractable USB to micro USB cord.  The MSRP is $60.

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