Friday, 22 March 2013 09:03

ASP Unveils new Sapphire USB styles, colors and Micro Arm accessory

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Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has unveiled several new colors and styles of its Sapphire USB as well as its new Micro Arm, a unique Sapphire USB accessory that helps illuminate a computer keyboard or reference notes.

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Sapphire USB light line expands to 24

ASP is now designing and manufacturing 24 distinct models of the Sapphire USB, the first Micro USB rechargeable wearable LED light of its kind, giving consumers a wide range of vibrant colors and exclusive styles in which to choose. They include contemporary Armorized Glass, Black Eagle Diamond Cut, Camouflage, Tactical, genuine Italian Leather Brown Gator and a variety of distinctive colors such as pink, violet, gold and green.

“There is now a Sapphire USB light for virtually everyone’s unique tastes,” said ASP CEO and Chairman Kevin Parsons, PhD. At 20 lumens, with a metal clip, all metal frame and micro USB charge port, the Sapphire USB is the ideal backup light.

It’s significantly sturdier and brighter (10 times brighter) than its popular predecessor in the ASP Everyday Carry light category. A custom designed Lithium polymer battery powers the Sapphire USB, which will run uninterrupted for approximately 90 minutes and can be fully recharged using a Micro USB cell phone charger or the USB port of any computer.

The Sapphire USB battery indicator blinks red when it is charging and turns solid green when fully charged. Conveniently attaches to belts, backpacks and purses with a spring loaded metal clip, the Sapphire USB has an ambidextrous top mounted on off switch. The unique design of the switch allows users to push it down for intermittent light or press and slide it forward for a continuous beam. The two motions are designed so the light will not be turned on unintentionally.

Depending on the style, the Sapphire USB’s MSRP ranges from $30 to $35. A Micro USB connector is included.

micro-arm-laptop-smallMicro Arm Accessory

ASP’s new Micro Arm accessory is a USB to Micro USB positioning arm for use with a computer and the Sapphire USB. It allows users to light up their laptop keyboard or their reference notes. 

The Micro Arm is both extremely durable and flexible making it simple to move the Sapphire USB to several different positions while remaining firmly connected to the computer’s USB port.

“Whether you’re a police officer working the night shift in a squad car on the computer or a business traveler on a darkened plane with a laptop, you’ll never be left in the dark with the Micro Arm and a Sapphire USB,” Parsons said.

The Micro Arm can also be used to recharge any ASP USB light. The MSRP is $12.00.